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Sales Unscripted

Aug 30, 2018


Michelle Shaeffer: The Power of Being Authentically You 



In this episode, Jim and Michelle discuss: 

The falsities of the know-like-and-trust myth. 

The power behind showing up as you are. 

Start with something simple to get in front of people. Don’t get bogged down in a funnel from the...

Aug 28, 2018

Jim Padilla: The Power of a Short Conversation 



In this episode, Jim discusses: 

·         Longer conversations don’t equal better. Longer the call goes, the looser it gets. In limiting your time, you will limit your focus, and prioritize what is important. 

·         It’s not about the time you...

Aug 23, 2018

Raven Glover: Giving your Clients the Red Carpet Treatment  


In this episode, Jim and Raven discuss:

  • What Raven is known for and what she strives to do with her work
  • It’s never too late to make your dream a reality
  • Reasons why it is important to serve those around you
  • Looking at what you’re bringing to the world...

Aug 21, 2018

Jim Padilla: Staying Relevant in the Marketplace Leads to Easier Conversations 




In this episode, Jim discusses:

  • The difference between being an expert and having expertise
  • The ever changing market and what it demands on those working in the marketplace
  • The questions to ask yourself on your own positioning in...

Aug 16, 2018

JV Crum III: Being Conscious in Business 



In this episode, Jim and JV discuss: 

  • The pivot point in JV's life to get him where he is now 
  • The power of positivity and service in business 
  • What it means to be conscious 
  • The importance of resonating with those you are working with 



Key Takeaways: 

  • 3...